Voltas UV Purifier Water Cooler

Storage Capacity [Litres] 40/80 PSS UV
Packed Dimension of Unit [mm] 535 x 535 x 1460
Overall dimensions of the unit [mm] 460 x 582 x 1460
Cooling Capacity of the water cooler (liters/hour) 40
Storage Capacity of the water cooler (liters) 80
UV Kit Available
Primary protection of UV Fuse Available
UV Protection Low pressure switch available
Water Filter Sediment & Carbon filter
Material of construction – Outer Panels Pre coated GI Sheets & Stainless steel AUS J1 grade
Dimensions of tank(Inside); WxDxH [mm] 385 x 365 x 654
Material of construction – Water Tank Stainless steel 304 grade
Water supply pressure and size of water inlet (Kg/cm ,mm) 4 TO 16.8 psi / 1/2” BSP
Total No of Faucets/Taps provided 2
No of taps for cold water 2
Compressor Hermetically sealed, Reciprocating compressor
Condenser Fin & Tube type
Evaporator Cu. Tube Wrapped on tank
Condenser motor Yes
Refrigerant used R -134 a
Thermal insulation PUF, 35 mm.
Power Plug size 5 Amps
Power cable length 1.5 meter Min.
Drain pan (trough) SS 304, 1 no.
Foots PP, 4 nos.
Taps with SS cover Brass chrome plated, 2 nos.
Top lid Knob screws PP, Thread size M6
UV Filtered water in storage tank Yes
Temperature Range 10~25°C
Temperature Control Semi automatic mechanism initiated through thermostat
Manual Provided (in installation kit)


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